Clinic for Crisis Psychology has extensive expertise in working with people, families and groups who have experienced crisis events, including loss and trauma.

At the Clinic for Crisis Psychology, we follow up both individuals and groups who are affected by everyday emergencies and accidents. In particularly these groups:

  • Bereaved by tragic accidents
  • Bereaved by murder and suicide
  • Robbery- and victims of violence (rape and assault)
  • Kindergartens and schools after critical incidents and other extraordinary situations
  • Companies and organizations after accidents and other emergency events, including restructuring and downsizing

The center's employees have been actively involved in major accidents, like the bus accident in Måbødalen (1988), Estonia shipwreck (1994), Åsta accident (2000), Rocknes shipwreck (2004), the terror in Norway in 2011, different helicopter- and aircrashes, the tsunami in Southeast Asia as well as numerous other events.

The clinic has built up a special expertise in working with individuals, families and groups who have experienced crisis events. Central to our work has been management and personalized group meetings for survivors/bereaved following suicide, homicide and accidents, both within schools and businesses.

Since inception, we have focused particularly on people who suffer from post-traumatic stress reactions or disorder (PTSD) and chronic or delayed grief. We get referred many clients who have developed PTSD or suffered losses many years back, and we have developed special expertise in the area of post-traumatic therapy and grief therapy.