Centre for Crisis Intervention has a weekly admission meeting where all referrals are evaluated. The meeting is held every Wednesday. We do not offer appointments on incoming calls. All queries should be adressed to: Senter for Kriseberedskap Fortunen 7, 5013 Bergen

We offer treatment related to trauma caused by incident or accident, and treatment related to bereavement. We recommend all to contact their GP and ask for a referral. The referral should give a brief account of the problem in order to give our psychologists a valid basis for an evaluation. We do not have waiting lists. Either we can offer treatment within approximately three week's time, or if we cannot offer treatment within this timeline, we will decline and return the referral to your GP.

With a referral from your GP the hourly rate is NOK 345,- pr. hour up to 2.670,-. After reaching 2.670,- the remaining cost for treatment will be reimbursed by Helse Vest, and you will receive a “Free card”.

Without a referral, (on written request for treatment submitted by regular post with a brief account of the problem) the hourly rate is around 1.050,- without options for reimbursement.

We strongly advice against submitting personal information by e-mail.